Out-dated shock collars

2014 03 outdated shock collarsThere were two reasons that inspired me to write my today’s blog entry: A post in a forum for animal behaviour professionals with the topic “Some out-dated advice?” and a reaction to a new fantastic law in Quebec (http://dogingtonpost.com/quebec-bans-shock-and-prong-dog-collars/#.UxHbYEJdW61) that was: “Hope some dogs are not simply destroyed because owner cannot manage and cannot not use pinch or shock”

Dominant dog, pack rules, high drive, tough dog – so yes, out-dated expressions were the main content of the forum post, written by the person who also said: “… the Internet is filled with well meaning people who offer opinions on dog training. … Unfortunately the advice that the vast majority of these people offer on dog aggression is at best inaccurate and at worst dangerous.” He prides himself having produced over 350 litters, but one may not find any information about his scientific education. I would like to refer to an earlier post about dominance, because it is inaccurate and dangerous what this person writes about that topic.

20% of so-called problematic dogs suffer from some kind of health issues, e.g. with the organs or the musculoskeletal system that are not obvious to us. There is not only a causal context between dog behavior and fitness, but also hormones and nutrition aside other factors have an influence.

One cannot manage this with pinch or shock!

Observe your dog. What is the dog doing and when does the dog show that behavior. Is it a new behavior? When did it start? If you think you have a problematic dog please find yourself a skilled dog trainer and/or a trustworthy vet.

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