The annual summertime PSA


I can understand that some dogs for whatever reasons cannot be left home alone. Yet there are still people uninformed about the consequences of leaving dogs in confined cars:

  • Even 5 minutes of this torture can damage the dog’s organs
  • Not so healthy dogs may die within 15 minutes


If you have to take your dog with you, and the temperature is higher than 18º C:


  • find a parking spot in the shade or in an open parking garage
  • put a soaked towel into the trunk
  • put a non-spill bowl filled with water into the trunk
  • put the dog into the secure compartment / kennel
  • lock the kennel but leave the tailgate open
  • cover the car with white blankets

Unfortunately also the environment can hurt our pups:

  • Don’t walk your dog on hot asphalt for a prolonged time
  • Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening
  • Only allow access to “moving” water, e.g. lakes or creeks – marshes and puddles hold the risk of leptospirosis