Happy Thanksgiving

Txgvng-infoIf you want your dog to participate in your Thanksgiving Dinner there are just some rules to follow:

1. Cut off some meat prior to seasoning and cooking the turkey.

2. Garlic & Onions are always a good topic: http://hilsbos.ca/2013/03/24/toxic-food-part-1/

3. I don’t agree that walnuts are toxic. On the contrary they are very healthy for dogs. However, the shell and skin are toxic, so you would have to peel them.

4. Herbs are used as remedies in dogs, and sage is not toxic. The usual amount should not exceed 1 g per 10 kg body weight.

5. Chocolate is toxic! http://hilsbos.ca/2013/12/11/toxic-food-part-2/

Enjoy the day and exercise your dog before spending your time in the kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving!