Canton Zurich to revoke mandatory dog training❓

UPDATE, November 23, 2018

The voters of canton Zurich will decide on February 10, 2019, if the dog courses remain to be mandatory or if they will be revoked.

UPDATE, June 16, 2018

62 members of the Zurich parliament have called for a referendum on the the mandatory Training. So the decision to revoke the courses may be tossed over to the voters of Zurich.


As confirmed by VETA, Zurich has voted to abolish the dog training regulations for dogs belonging to breed type I. At this point I do not know when this will be implemented. I suspect January 1, 2019.

What does this mean for you and your dog?

1) If you are getting a puppy right now, you need to visit puppy class before he turns 16 weeks.
2) If your dog is younger than 18 months, and landed in Switzerland before December 1, 2017, you need to complete the “Junghundekurs”.
3) If your dog is older than 18 months, and landed in Switzerland before February 1, 2018, you need to complete the “Erziehungskurs”.

Once I know more I will post an update.