Communication between humans and dogs

Your and your dog’s mood have always to be calm, balanced and concentrated

Dogs have a congenital disposition for reading us. Unfortunately most dog owners don’t know this or how to “talk” to their dogs.
Canines need to have the possibility to learn how to behave accordingly to our intentions, and we have to learn how to communicate them explicitly. And of course we should not forget the praise, the positive reinforcement for correct behaviour.
We have to fulfill the dog’s social appetence and use their bonding behaviour to make learning easier and thus refine it. If we praise the dog’s behaviour, it will show this behaviour from now on more and more frequently.
Dogs are highly social creatures and the foundation for learning is bonding. If we ignore the dog when it is approaching us (because the movie is too exiting or the work too important), we show him that closeness is not good. Why not quickly petting the pooch and saying, “hi buddy”, and then go on with our work?
For optimal learning
  • Hustle and pressure have a negative influence on the learning behavior and do not lead to the desired result.
  • Your and your dog’s mood have always to be balanced and concentrated

Communicating properly with the dog, and a constant and consistent handling allows social security and well being, which lead to a balanced human-dog relationship.