Dog Park Etiquette

Found this today. It is not only fantastically written, but also filled with important information! Here is my favourite:

“Bring toys for everyone

One day I arrived at the dog park to witness a highly offended couple screaming at everyone as they were leaving the dog park with their 5 dogs and an arm load of toys.  “We will never come here again!”  Wow!  They brought a lot of toys and were upset that other dogs were trying to play with their dogs and play with their toys.  What they wanted was for everyone to leash up their dogs and keep them away while they had their fun. It was preposterous.

If you don’t want other dogs to play with your toys, then it’s best to go to the dog park during the off peak hours.  If you arrive on a sunny Saturday or after work hours, you’re going to have to share.

And if you have a dog who is toy possessive – then consider working this out with a professional dog trainer.  It’s important that the experience be fun for everyone, including your dog.”

© by “Keep the tail wagging