Dominance is a relationship

Dominance is a complimentary relationship that clarifies the access to resources and the solving of conflicts, and this generally without aggressive actions, but with signals.
Dominance is first and foremost a voluntary, active payment of the lower-ranking dog, by allowing another dog access to resources and/or by permitting another dog to pursue the other dog’s interests at any time.
Important is that the higher-ranking dog has always the ability to enforce his interests. He can pursue them, but he does not have to, he is allowed to waive his rights for priority.
The active resistance of the lower-ranking dog though is crucial. Even if the higher-ranking dog is controlling the situation, the lower-ranking dog nevertheless has initiated it.
This shows that an active put-down (with your whole body) of a dog is not dominance, because one forces the dog, hence the dog is not voluntarily submissive.