Help for Dog/Animal/Cat/Pet Owner from Ukraine – WORLDWIDE

Update March 13, 2022

Update March 12, 2022

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What can you do for us?
We are still dependent on #support. The April trucks need to be financed, the #food distribution points need #personnel as well as #financial support. In addition, food #donations are still gladly accepted at these points. Surplus material will travel with us to Ukraine in April.
We are looking for people all over #Switzerland who are able to distribute food free of charge to those in need. You will need a dry storage room and some time. If you want to be a part of our #relief action, then contact us
Wages we can not pay, the donations flow 100% to where they are needed.
We have now also set up our own Swiss Paypal account. With the collected donations we finance the transports, the distribution points and with the rest we support on site – in #Ukraine – with #animal food and food donations!
Thank you for your great solidarity &


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I am deeply impressed! There is this FANTASTIC GROUP ON FACEBOOK. Since the attack on Ukraine started, they managed to organize #help, #donations, shipping agencies, #petfoodindustry and #volunteers.

They created a google map where you can pin your location and the sort of help you are able to offer: LINK TO GOOGLE

If you cannot #donate things or money, please #giveblood.