The perfect breeder takes great responsibility in selling you a healthy, balanced and socialized puppy. He loves his dogs and treats them like family members. He is an idealist and does not breed for living. He has great knowledge of the BBS, his behavior and genetics. He is member of the breeding club and has a certified kennel name. His puppies get acknowledged pedigrees and get registered in the official studbook. He sticks to or exceeds the breeding regulations, the puppies live with him in the house and the backyard, and he does conscientious research concerning the mating. He also asks you a lot of questions. He wants to know whom he sells his puppies. Anyway he will be there for you anytime and answer all your questions and concerns. He will invite you to come as often as possible to spend time with the litter, and advises you what puppy to choose. Best case the breeder has no more than two dogs, preferably the mother and the father of the litter. He will show you all pedigrees, health certificates, show results, or performance awards. His home should be clean but not sterile, and all dogs should be healthy, clean, friendly and curious. There should be a kind of “adventure playground”, so the puppies can discover different grounds and objects. Be prepared to sit in the middle of the playground cuddling and playing with each puppy. The puppies will be dewormed, vaccinated (first appropriate shots) and chipped. Ask every question you would like to ask! Don’t buy a puppy whose anus is dirty, that smells, has watery eyes and is to skinny or worse, which is afraid of strangers. Don’t buy a puppy if you are not allowed to see the mother or if the “breeder” has only puppies. Ask for references or other people who have already bought one of the breeder’s puppies. No good breeder will ever give you a puppy that is younger than eight weeks. A perfect breeder will give you a puppy at the age of 10 to 12 weeks. During that time at the breeder your puppy’s mom (and father) teaches him canine communication. He and his littermates learn how to interact and how to play. The breeder socializes the pup with other humans, the environment and objects. These are very important lessons that are impossible to recreate if the puppy missed them.

Last weighing: The April Fools gained from 8.5 kg to 9.5 kg. Today is the farewell from Anouk and Amy. Aideen and Arrow will say “Goodbye” tomorrow.

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