Mandatory Courses in ZH

UPDATE, November 23, 2018

The voters of canton Zurich will decide on February 10, 2019, if the dog courses remain to be mandatory or if they will be revoked.

UPDATE, June 16, 2018

62 members of the Zurich parliament have called for a referendum on the the mandatory Training. So the decision to revoke the courses may be tossed over to the voters of Zurich.


As confirmed by VETA, Zurich has voted to abolish the dog training regulations for dogs belonging to breed type I. At this point I do not know when this will be implemented.

What does this mean for you and your dog?

When arriving in the canton of Zurich, pooches belonging to breed type I (bigger than 45 cm or heavier than 16 kg) need to visit different classes, depending on fido’s age:

Born after December 31, 2010 Welpenförderung
Puppy Fundamentals
Social Competence
Reliable Handling
8 weeks – 16 weeks 4 lessons 10 lessons n/a
16 weeks – 18 months n/a 10 lessons 10 lessons
18 months – 8 years n/a n/a 10 lessons

Hardly anything in the coexistence between humans and dogs is more important than the highest possible level of social bonding. 

Using the urban and the natural environment, Birgit concentrates on motivational exercises to help making the future cooperation between you and your puppy best, and build a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect!

After having learnt the social motivation your pooch will start with the early education. The future adherence of the most important verbal commands, such as “come,” and “no” will be taught informally and exclusively by playful motivation exercises. You will learn how to reward appropriate behaviour correctly.

Birgit is an approved Dog Trainer by the Veterinary Inspection Office of the Canton of Zurich (Kanton Zürich Gesundheitsdirektion Veterinäramt).

The courses are offered “on the Silver Coast” in the districts of Horgen and Affoltern a. A.