Social Competence

Our reputation for creating positive results for our clients is built on this comprehensive program. Birgit teaches you how to educate your dog. With a deep understanding of canine behavior, combined with real-life class experiences, you will have all the tools to create a well-balanced dog that you can manage and keep safe in any situation.

Starting January 1, 2022, all dogs at the age of 16 weeks to 18 months have to visit this mandatory course “Junghundekurs” when living in the canton of Zurich. Only the person, the dog will be registered on, needs to join the course.

This course will deepen the experiences of the Puppy Fundamentals Program. You will learn how to lead a dog correctly, safely and appropriately.

Content and goals

Learn how to handle the most urgent day-to-day issues, how to teach Fido to be calm, attentive and to respond quickly, willingly and happily, especially when distracted, off-leash, and at a distance. Focus is on building the bond so you two have a smooth cohabitation.


  • Strengthen the recall, the sit, the down, and skip an article with verbal commands and by body signals.
  • Learn how to immediately stop unwanted behaviour.
  • Learn how to leash, unleash, and release the dog correctly.
  • Learn loose leash walking.
  • Learn pros and cons of different leading instruments, including muzzles.
  • Learn how to encounter unknown persons and animals.
  • Learn how to get attention from your dog.
  • Learn how to lead the dog in public.
  • Learn how to read your dog and to be proactive.
  • Deepen the socialization to the environment and other dogs.

This Class runs Fridays at 11:30 AM

Vaccine: Proof of basic vaccination (bring pet passport).

Length: This class is CHF 450 for 10 consecutive sessions unless a break is mentioned. A class consists of 2 to 6 teams. Each session is approximately 50 minutes. Graduates of the Puppy Fundamentals (Welpenförderung) Program will receive 10% off this program.

Equipment required: Collar (no harness), leash (approx. 75 – 100 cm, no retractable one), lots of treats, high value food.

Venues: Classes are offered „on the Silver Coast“ in the districts of Horgen and Affoltern a. A., or in Kreis 2 & 3 of Zurich, and will be announced 24 hours prior to session.

– There is a maximum of six spots
– Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis
– Pre-Payment is the only thing that secures your spot in class
GTC’s apply

Courses are also offered in private sessions. Please follow this link for Venues, rates & travel costs.