Training Camp: Let me train your Puppy for you

If you find yourself in the situation where lockdown, home office, and a new puppy is too overwhelming, my Training Camp might be the perfect option for you.

Drop your puppy off to me, and he will live here, with my family in my house, and get trained, socialized, and exercised by me. When you pick him up, you will need to be schooled in how to manage and continue on with your training.

Proof of basic vaccination (bring pet passport).

Length of Program
4 Day Puppy Fundamentals Intensive, suitable for puppies under 16 weeks. Monday, 08:00 AM – Thursday, 05:00 PM

Equipment required
Collar (no harness), leash (approx. 100 cm), smelly cloths/towels, food, lots of high value treats.

CHF 720, which includes a follow up lesson.