Do you believe in dog? When equipment fails: Paws and assess

This is an Australian article, but for sure the whole world can adopt this topic.

Why does a not for profit association have to breed countless dogs? I know of several experts who turn pound dogs into SAR Dogs, detection dogs, etc. May be dogs from the humane society have the potential to become a service dog?

Why is it necessary to crate the dogs for up to 12 hours, when they only get trained for 30 minutes at most? May be there are too much dogs for the few really skilled trainers?

What happens to the dogs that don’t make it to a working dog?

Photo: Steven Pam

Yes, a review of the purpose and production life-cycle analysis for this tool, of how the equipment is being employed, handled, maintained and stored by practitioners as well as a review of the training courses and educational materials available to the practitioners and the people who train them is indicated!

Do you believe in dog?: When equipment fails: paws and assess