My reputation for creating positive results for my clients and their dogs is built on a deep understanding of canine behavior, combined with real-life class experiences.

I believe that any goal you have for your dog is possible. I believe in the importance of getting out and working with your dog in the real world. And I believe that you should feel good about your choice to train with me.

So take the time to learn more about me, and my training programs – you’ll see that the ability to do anything, go anywhere and have a well-mannered dog in all situations is possible for you. All breeds. All ages. All behaviours. And every stage of your dog’s life. I am here to support you.

Private Sessions
Starts at CHF 90
  • Sometimes one-on-one support makes all the difference!
  • I offer private, one-on-one sessions for dogs that need a little extra time and attention. This is a great opportunity to deal with challenges that I can’t cover in group class. Together, we will assess issues on an individual basis and then set up a program unique.
  • 1 x 45 min.
PEEP – Puppy early education Program
Starts at CHF200
  • The first 16 weeks of your pup’s life is when you can have the most significant, positive impact on your future relationship. I help you to understand your puppy to establish rules and boundaries based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Mandatory in the canton of Zurich.
  • 4 x 45 min.

Before getting a dog Theory
  • You will receive important information on what to expect when adding a four legged family member, how to prepare, and how to behave in public. Further topics are humane rearing, social handling, and appropriate training.
  • Online session 1 x 120 min.
Mandatory Practical Group Class
  • Using the urban and the natural environment, I concentrate on motivational exercises to help making the future cooperation between you and your puppy best.
  • Mandatory in the canton of Zurich.
  • 10 x 50 min.