Private sessions

Sometimes one-on-one support makes all the difference!

I offer private, one-on-one sessions for dogs with unique challenges that need a little extra time and attention. This is a great opportunity to deal with challenges that I can’t cover in a group class. Together, we will assess and deal with issues on an individual basis and then set up a program unique to each dog and situation. This is an excellent way to make improvements.

How can private sessions help?

Have me come to your home, neighborhood or come to my location – to support you through any challenge you want to work on.

Here are some reasons to book a private session:
  • Improve your dog’s reaction to the door bell
  • Create calmness and politeness when guests come over
  • Create boundaries (without baby gates!)
  • Perfect and enjoy the walk
  • Correct jumping behaviour on you and/or guests
  • Perfect all commands (for example, recall, stay, stop, sit, down, etc.)

Equipment required: Collar, no harness, leashes (approx. 100 cm and approximately. 5 m), two favorite toys, lots of high value treats, and regular food.

Costs: A session runs approximately 45 minutes. Please see GTC’s for details.