Industrial or home made food?

I am often asked what to feed a dog. First of I want to tell you what I believe. I believe in organic. I believe that we have to steward our earth and not to poison it with herbicides. I believe that all farm animals must not be stuffed with drugs, and need to lead an appropriate life, with a humane end.

What I know. A diet being one-sided will likewise give one-sided health. It is not only scientifically proven, that organic beef meat is higher in fatty acids than conventionally raised beef, but also that nutrients have an influence on behavior.

Every dog is an individual – like humans – with different needs. On hot days long-haired dogs need more energy than short-haired ones, during the winter it is vice versa. Small dogs need more energy than big dogs and active dogs more than lethargic ones. Growing dogs have other demands than pregnant dogs, working dogs, sick dogs, or old dogs.

By feeding a dog, his guardian has not only an influence on the physical state, but also on neurotransmitters and hormones to be built inside the dog, and therefore the possibility to support the decreasing of hyperactivity or submissive behavior. E.g., while hyperactive dogs should be fed beef, game, and guts, in submissive dogs one should opt for lamb and rabbit.

However, it is not possible to give remote advice. Like in training it needs a proper anamnesis to develop an appropriate diet plan. But for sure I can advise you to feed unprocessed food.