Spring 💐

March 29 is the magic date this year. Spring starts to spring and we have to spring forward for Daylight Saving Time.

This is not an April fool: It is the deer’s breeding time and dogs might pose a threat to wildlife, especially young animals.

Starting April 1st, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are never to be left unattended to prevent them from disturbing the wildlife, including barking at wildlife, in the cantons of Aargau, Lucerne, and Zug. For the canton of Zurich please pay attention to signposting.

This is in effect till July 31st in and close to forests. Also the dogs are not allowed to play on agricultural land till October 31st if the grass is taller than 6 inches/15 cm.

Also annoying: These nasty blood-suckers are notoriously difficult to dislodge, and can cause some serious diseases. Therefore I highly recommend tick prevention measures are taken.

Chemical way/for dogs older than 6 months: Scalibor Protector Band. It shall offer protection for up to 6 months against sand flies, mosquitoes and ticks (available at your vet and online).

Natural alternative: For puppies younger than 6 months and during winter time; Nigella sativa oil. Oil produced from the seeds of Nigella sativa, known as black cumin, black onion seed, or just nigella, was used by German students for an experiment of “Jugend forscht” in 2014. They soaked a shirt, and put it in a box with ticks who fled the shirt (available at pharmacies, drug- or health food stores, and online. German name: Schwarzkümmelöl). One tea spoon with breakfast plus onto the fur before going into grassy/wooded areas.

In the following movie you can see that the ticks don’t want to step onto the soaked paper: https://youtu.be/di9b50oOWKg

Last but not least: The annual nice weather PSA

I can understand that some dogs for whatever reasons cannot be left home alone. Yet there are still people uninformed about the consequences of leaving dogs in confined cars:

  • Even 5 minutes of this torture can damage the dog’s organs
  • Not so healthy dogs may die within 15 minutes

If you have to take your dog with you, and the temperature is higher than 18º C:

  • find a parking spot in the shade (remember that shade is moving) or in an open parking garage
  • put a soaked towel underneath your dog
  • put a non-spill bowl filled with water with your dog
  • put the dog into the secure compartment / kennel
  • lock the kennel but leave the tailgate open
  • cover the car with white blankets

Unfortunately also the environment can hurt our pups:

  • Don’t walk your dog on hot asphalt for a prolonged time
  • Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening
  • Only allow access to “moving” water, e.g. lakes or creeks – marshes and puddles hold the risk of leptospirosis