Diana, USA

Birgit is a gifted trainer with sensitivity to the human owner and pet. I had just moved to Switzerland months before setting out on what felt to be a daunting task—training two 22kg labs that never had any previous training. Birgit was patient and compassionate with all 3 of us. Having never lived abroad, the move here was exciting but also overwhelming and on the days where it was all just too much and I got lost trying to get to our appointment, Birgit calmly guided me to our destination over the phone. Upon arriving (both times!) she made me feel it was OK and everything would be all right. I never felt judged by her. For our private lessons, she was very organized and timely. Each session had a focus and upon completion of that lesson, she would help me see what went well and what needed to be improved and what we would focus on the next time. We made great strides but also need to stay consistent with the training. Even though we may not look like a perfectly trained trio walking the streets and trails here in Zurich area, I feel confident that I have the tools and tricks I need to be in control of my labs and have them show up as good canine citizens. It was a great growth experience for us all and Birgit is a firm, kind and intuitive teacher. I am so grateful for the experience.