Your dog would never leave you to die

hitzetabelle-auto-temperaturen-hitzeFrom the annual to the monthly dogs-in-cars summertime PSA

This summer we had already more than 20 days with 30 deg or hotter and the news of dogs (and kids!) dying in cars won’t stop.

I can understand that some dogs for whatever reasons cannot be left home alone. But why are people still uninformed about the consequences of leaving dogs in confined cars? Don’t they know that even 5 minutes of this torture can damage the dog’s organs, and that not so healthy dogs may die within 15 minutes?

I don’t want to believe that they intentionally put their family members at risk of serious injury or death. Put yourself in this situation and find out how long you would stand it …

FullSizeRenderIf you have to take your dog with you, and the temperature is more than 18º:

– try to find a parking spot in the shade or in a parking garage
– put a soaked towel into the trunk
– put a bucket filled with water into the trunk
– put the dog into the secure compartment / kennel
– leave the tailgate open
– cover the car with white blankets

 Hot cars kill dogs.