The annual fireworks PSA

I don’t like fireworks, and always wonder how people that don’t earn much let their money go up in smoke and noise to pollute our endangered environment.

Not only pets, farm animals and wildlife are afraid of fireworks, but also autistic humans. They don’t understand why they are being tortured, scream, and stampede. Their families have my deepest sympathies.

You as a responsible dog owner are aware of the dos and don’ts on days like national holidays and New Year’s Eve, like

  • Walk the dog before darkness
  • Walk the dog only on leash
  • Walk the dog in the woods
  • Close windows and shutters
  • Celebrate at home, don’t leave your pooch home alone

 When you know that your dog will be

  • Hiding somewhere
  • Jumping on your lap
  • Excessively panting
  • Excessively shivering
  • Sweating underneath the paws
  • Peeing and/or having diarrhoea inside
  • Constantly barking

you need to act immediately. For Swiss National Day you may leave for surrounding countries e.g. Germany, France, Austria or Italy.

But for New Year’s Eve you may try these:

  • thunder shirts or anxiety wraps
  • “Bach” Flower remedies: No. 2 Aspen, No. 12 Gentian, No. 18 Impatiens, No. 20 Mimulus
  • “Schüssler” minerals: No. 5 Kalium phosphoricum, No. 7 Magnesium phosphoricum, No. 11 Silicea
  • “Adaptil”, a synthetic copy of the pheromone Phenynalalin, released by dams from her mammary area after her puppies’ birth.