Willkommen – Welcome

Welcome to Hilsbos Dog Training: Compassionate dog training in Switzerland. Please follow this link for information in English. Thank you for visiting my website.

Herzlich Willkommen bei Hilsbos Dog Training. Bitte folgen Sie diesem Link für Infos auf Deutsch. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Vergnügen beim Stöbern.

I cannot thank you enough, what a joy it is to have a loving, well-behaved dog.

Jocelyn, USA

She came over to our friends house, we met her there. (pluspoint). Very nice woman, quick and clear spoken. But most importantly she could answer any question asked about health, keepsake or treatment. And provided information about swiss law and regulations. All in all perfect fit, Im looking forward to learning from her again!

Zenith, SWE

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