Your opinion means the world to me — would you mind sharing your thoughts about the work I did for you?

Constructive and professional lesson ! Advised ! – Gabriele, ITA

The best and truly professional, knows all the tricks and gives you the tips. – Akhil, IND

Birgit is a true professional and has so much knowledge and wisdom. She was patient with us, with all our questions and offered her help very generously. We will be in touch with her. private lesson was great. I loved the feedback and got many tools to use on how to move forward with my dog. I am already seeing progress! Birgit was great in communication and made sure I understood what was said and also would let me know things i did right as well as wrong. It was therefore easy to understand her. It was clear that she understand the dogs body language as well. I had a great experiece. Will definalty go back for more lessons. – Javier, ESP

Fantastic training!!
I have had two sessions now and my dog is improving so much and so quickly. The training is sensible, simple, adaptive to my dogs needs. Simply wonderful and could not recommend highly enough. – Cristin

The private lesson was great. I loved the feedback and got many tools to use on how to move forward with my dog. I am already seeing progress! Birgit was great in communication and made sure I understood what was said and also would let me know things i did right as well as wrong. It was therefore easy to understand her. It was clear that she understand the dogs body language as well. I had a great experiece. Will definalty go back for more lessons. – Natalie, SWE

Birgit has a very friendly straight forward manner and is very knowledgeable. Would recommend her to all I know. – Anonymous

We transferred to Hilsbos from another training (due to the more suitable schedules) and what a difference! Firstly, instead of being in a specialized dog training area, all the sessions are held in real-life public places like the train station, a busy shopping street, or public parks, and very quickly we got comfortable with being out and about in daily life situations. Secondly the trainer is extremely good and experienced with reading all the different dogs in the class and therefore providing the right advice not only for the right situation but also the specific dog personality. She is suitably strict with the owners, but always absolutely lovely with the dogs. Highly recommended. – Anonymous

Such great tips on helping me to train my dog. Birgit knows dogs and what they need while clearly translating that to us humans. Looking forward to more lessons. – Anonymous

Awesome! I have learnt so much on how I should handle my pet! Great training and very practical. – Prashant, IND

Birgit was great and had very helpful advice! I look forward to more lessons. – Susan, USA

Excellent training! Good Observation Skills. And she allowed adjustment to the reaction of the learner! – Anonymous

Birgit is a super trainer. My frenchie and I have become a great team and have both learned a lot. I can only recommend it. Thank you Birgit for all the sessions. I get many compliments on the behavior of and with my little bully thanks to you.


Great training session and very well explained! Thank you to Birgit! Alessandra, ITA

Hi Birgit, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help, support and patience for our training. We are very proud dog owners and so happy to see the big impact/improvement training has had on him. We couldn’t have managed this without you! I wish you all the best and we will keep in touch as my dog loves you 😀 – Anonymous

“I highly recommend Birgit! She helped us to learn how to communicate effectively with our puppy, and training was held at various locations so that we were always challenged and introduced to ways of overcoming distractions. Each week was a pleasure to learn with Birgit :)” – Alim, GBR

“We had a great experience with Birgit, she was tough but patient and helpful with our puppy. We made a lot of progress during the course and especially enjoyed the real life situations in training, I.e going to busy places and exposing the puppies to different distractions and learning how to handle these situations. We highly recommend Birgit!”


“I highly recommend Birgit – she is a wonderful teacher, and very warm and friendly, both with us and our dog. The classes are enjoyable, each time in a different location so its interesting, and our dog is learning a lot!” – Elan, ISR

“Birgit has been a life-saver (and mental health savior!) since getting our Lab puppy! No question was too small or silly for her to answer – both in classes and via sms thereafter! Highly recommended, for mandatory dog courses or just for top-up / sanity-saver sessions thereafter!” – Carmen, ZAF

“Online introduction in English to the Geruchsdifferenzierung class modul 1. Birgit is always well prepared and professional and you leave her classes eager for the next one to come up. I have done the Welpen/Junghund/Erziehung classes and I am more than happy to recommend Birgit. Can’t wait til next weekend when it’s time for the Geruchsdifferenzierung.” – Cathrine, SWE

“Wir durften mit unseren Hunden ein äusserst interessantes und spannendes Wochenende verbringen im Bereich Geruchsdifferenzierung (Modul II). Beide Trainer sind hoch qualifiziert und haben ihr breites Fachwissen verständlich an uns Hundeführer weiter gegeben. Die GGD is für alle Vier- sowie Zweibeiner eine tolle Beschäftigung und stärkt ausserdem die Bindung zum Tier. Ich kann Hilsbos Dog Training nur jedem weiter empfehlen und wir freuen uns auf Modul III.” – Ladina, SUI

“We highly recommend using Hilsbos Dog Training, it has been a great experience working with Birgit and we’ve gotten such great results from the training with our energetic alaskan malamute, who now listens to our commands instead of her own instincts! 🙂 Birgit is firm and very skilled in her training and has an impressive understanding of the dogs needs and abilities which makes the training very effective.” – Sarah, DNK

“The best dog trainer we’ve ever had! Birgit has a unique gift – she deeply understands our canine companions and knows what we need to do to bring out their best. Not only has she taught our pup better behavior, but she has also taught our family valuable lessons in how to appreciate and care for our dog and his own special character. She has brought us even closer together. I could not recommend her more highly!” – Alania, SGP

“Can’t recommend enough!
We attended both the puppy & young dog classes with Birgit, who at every step of the way provided helpful & practical advice for any situation encountered and solutions for existing issues. Thanks to her I can say my Berner is officially an obedient and well mannered good boy. Will definitely come back if I ever decide to do some further training.” – Daniel, MEX

“Birgit is firm but fair!! She is fabulous with both canines and humans – I highly recommend her for both!!” – anonymized

“Working with Birgit was a pleasure each week! As an expat, the fact that she spoke such amazing English was very helpful. This was a brush up course for us required by the gemeinde and her reminders and teachings were always firm but kind. The location of the classes in a variety of settings on the Silver Coast was also a convenient way for my dog and I to get used to situations (and rules!) unique to Switzerland. Thanks Birgit. – C. USA

“Birgit was great to work with. She was able to learn quickly about our dog and provide very useful tips that proved to be helpful. Her classes were different each time in terms of activity and location. This really helped the dogs and the handlers with how to respond in multiple situations (i.e. stairs, elevators, heal position etc.). Our dog quickly showed improvement even after the first class and we are thankful for her teachings.” –  Ben & Tanya, USA.

“Birgit’s thoughtful and spot-on instructions have made our bonding with our boxer dog much stronger and have eased our daily life with him. Birgit is a very knowledgable, friendly and effective trainer, who we would absolutely recommend. Our dog also loved her. Thank you Birgit for the great trainings, advice and tips.” – Alexis, GRE

“I was very happy with the obedience course I attended with my Tibetan Terrier. The course was held at different locations, which provided us with obstacles and distractions that we come across in everyday life; and with Birgit’s guidance, were excellent training grounds to work with my puppy. I look forward to building on the solid foundation and examples that Birgit provided. Thank you Birgit!” – Maureen, AUS

“Before starting Birgit’s course I was overwhelmed with my new life with a puppy. I was very stressed and tired. Birgit was very sensible and patient with us and she has great didactics. We enjoyed a lot the course and we are already missing our classes.” – Lia, BRA

“Birgit’s style is the perfect combination of understanding, yet firm and clear. Exactly how you need to be with your dog. Very experienced and professional. Speaks perfect English.” – Jen, USA

“Hilbos is a fantastic dog training school. We have been to others in the past but the attention to detail, patience and knowledge Hilbos offers is in another league. We highly recommend them.” – Steve, UK

“Birgit is amazing and her classes are so helpful. We have a small dog which don’t require mandatory training but I signed up for her classes to ensure my dog behaved in a “Swiss” way. I first hired her for two private lessons as my puppy was a bit crazy. She worked wonders and her training techniques immediately improved our dogs behavior. I can’t recommend her enough!!!” – Natasha, USA

“The best trainer and advisor ever! Even though I have been a dog owner my entire life, I am blown away every time by the insightful and most importantly functional trainings, advise and practice! Brigit is not only a wonderful person but she is clearly very talented!” – Ghislaine, NL

“Birgit is a fantastic trainer. We learnt so much in our 10 sessions. Every week we trained at a different location to experience real situations with our dogs. Birgit has great training techniques and is very dedicated to making her sessions with you a success. I would highly recommend her.” – Emer, IRL

“Birgit is a gifted trainer with sensitivity to the human owner and pet. I had just moved to Switzerland months before setting out on what felt to be a daunting task—training two 22kg labs that never had any previous training. Birgit was patient and compassionate with all 3 of us. Having never lived abroad, the move here was exciting but also overwhelming and on the days where it was all just too much and I got lost trying to get to our appointment, Birgit calmly guided me to our destination over the phone. Upon arriving (both times!) she made me feel it was OK and everything would be all right. I never felt judged by her. For our private lessons, she was very organized and timely. Each session had a focus and upon completion of that lesson, she would help me see what went well and what needed to be improved and what we would focus on the next time. We made great strides but also need to stay consistent with the training. Even though we may not look like a perfectly trained trio walking the streets and trails here in Zurich area, I feel confident that I have the tools and tricks I need to be in control of my labs and have them show up as good canine citizens. It was a great growth experience for us all and Birgit is a firm, kind and intuitive teacher. I am so grateful for the experience.” – Diana, USA

“Hilsbos Dog Training is wonderful! Birgit is very knowledgeable, patient and professional. After only a few lessons, my German Shepherd was an obedient pet and listening to my commands. And Birgit speaks fluent English which was a huge plus for me!” – Susan, USA

“Always looked forward to training days with Birgit. She was so easy and friendly to work with, and so effective with our pup (and with me!) Penny is a very head strong Bernedoodle with a lot of energy and we got a lot out of training and she is now a well behaved and happy…” – Deborah, USA

“Honest, kind and firm – a great combination. My dog and I were lucky to find such a knowledgable trainer who both loves and understands dogs. She helped me tremendously get on the right track with my new puppy, who is now one, and happy and well behaved.” – Julie, USA

“Birgit is great. Based on the training we improved significantly with Aspen and believe me, he is a handful. He still needs more training, but we are delighted to come back.” – Abel, CUB

“Birgit is very knowledgeable and provided great activities to teach my new puppy. She was able to learn quite quickly with the tools Birgit provided. Although stressful for me, the group sessions were probably the most helpful by putting Bailey in “real life” situations.” – Kimberly, USA

“We love Birgit for clear information, punctuality, great attitude and humor!” – Tanya, UKR

“I cannot thank you enough, what a joy it is to have a loving, well-behaved dog.” – Jocelyn, USA

“Friendly, knowledgable, effective. Great at teaching kids, too.” – Matt, USA

“Birgit is focussed, patient and clearly loves her job. Friendly yet strict, my dog and I learned an awful lot in a relatively short period of time. Excellent value for money.” – anonymized

“Easy to follow instructions & guidance, genuine care and concern for the dog’s overall wellbeing, always helpful and hopeful! You are a fabulous teacher, I can’t thank you enough.” – Julie, USA

“The course was very well organized and the information was easy to understand and implement. I felt that my puppy and I both benefited from the training and learned techniques which I will be able to continue to use in working with her on my own. Birgit is a very professional and skilled trainer who clearly enjoys her work and the dogs she works with. I’m delighted to have found this course.” – Ann, USA

“The course was excellent; so informative, friendly, and a lot of fun. The ‘real world’ situations that we trained in meant that each lesson had transferable value to our everyday lives with our dogs. I am delighted that Birgit was recommended to me and I’ve already recommended this course to a number of my friends. The course and the wonderful way that Birgit teaches it has provided me with so much to build on. Birgit is clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer and dog owner and was able to identify my dogs unique characteristics and motivations very quickly. This is testament to the care and attention that she gave us during each session. Thank you Birgit!” – Katy, UK

“I liked how personal it was, Birgit scheduled with me to my needs. I would have prefered 2 days with 2 hours each compared to 4 days at 1 hour, but this is the only criticism I have. I also like all the examples Birgit gave me from her own experience. I enjoyed the hands on training with practicing the recall in a triangle and the eye contact exercise. Thank you very much!!!” – Corinne, USA

“Birgit was very open, honest and helpful with all of our questions (including emails prior to the class). I am very pleased that she could do a private training at our house and that she actively discussed the do’s and don’ts of puppies with my children and myself.” – Julie, USA

“She came over to our friends house, we met her there. (pluspoint). Very nice woman, quick and clear spoken. But most importantly she could answer any question asked about health, keepsake or treatment. And provided information about swiss law and regulations. All in all perfect fit, Im looking forward to learning from her again!” – Zenith, SWE

I thoroughly enjoyed the SKN Theory Course run by Hilsbos Dog Training. The teacher Birgit was extremely knowledgable and explained the information in a relaxed and easy to understand way. We covered all the basics of dog ownership including feeding, health, grooming, basic training and travel (and much more besides!) and I learnt a great deal in the process. Birgit was also very helpful in answering all of my questions. Now I can’t wait to get my puppy! – Zoe, UK

“Birgit is fabulous. She presented the information extremely clearly, and answered my questions extremely well. Her SKN practical course met my expectations a lot better than I expected. I can highly recommend her.” – Melissa, USA

“I did very much enjoy the workshop. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. The atmosphere was kept agreeable to all. Your time was shared equally with everybody, while still taking the time for the individual teams. Great time management. You have a really good eye for the dogs and people.” – Angela, VEN

“Birgit is a precise and careful dog handler and trainer. She uses positive and reward-based training methods, and is patient throughout. She has an open mind, a wide base of experience, and is a good problem-solver. I really enjoyed the chance to work with her and I learned a lot from her.” – Erin, CAN

“Birgit and I were members of the same volunteer search dog group and so I worked with her during dog trainings for 3 years. Birgit is a patient handler with a diversity of experience and knowledge in dog training. She also assisted other handlers to solve behaviour issues that might occasionally come up while developing our working dogs. She also directly started and helped with the training of several new search dog handlers and their dogs. Birgit will always ensure that the best interest, health and happiness of the dogs come before any desired outcome.” – Janeal, CAN

“In a society where ‘quick fix’ dog training is dominated by choke, prong and shock collars Birgit stands out in her ability to connect with both dog and handler without pain related methods. Birgit’s knowledge of canine behaviour and her ability to relay this information to the handler makes every session with Birgit a worthwhile experience.” – Andy, UK

“I have known Birgit for more than 10 years and she is a highly knowledgeable canine health coach. I enjoy working with her very much and I love her many various ideas/approaches for different dogs to achieve the goals for yourself and your dog. I highly recommend Birgit and look forward to work with her for many more years to come.” – Tania, CAN